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Travelling to La Palma

First an important hint to note before you make any booking.  We don't want you to wind up booking a non-refundable ticket to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria or in Mexico or La Palma in Calafornia or even Palma on the Balearic Islands! Ensure that you are going to La Palma, THE CANARY ISLAND.

The most simple way to go to La Palma is to fly directly.  This takes the stress out of the journey and is much the quickest way to get there without worries about missed connections, etc.

The only direct flights to La Palma (Airport Code:SPC) are by easyJet (http://www.easyjet.com) and TUI (https://www.tui.co.uk/). EasyJet currently fly from Gatwick on Tuesdays and Saturdays. TUI currently fly from Gatwick throughout the year, sometimes twice a week. They also fly from Manchester during the winter season once a week.

There is no logic in TUI's pricing or seat availbility so the following notes may be useful to you:

TUI are primarily a holiday company and they sell off their spare capacity on the aeroplane as and when they think that they cannot fill it with package tour holiday makers. This means that one day there may be no seats available on the aeroplane and the next day they make some available when they think that they cannot fill the aeroplane with customers on package tours. The moral is keep looking. It is also worth checking the prices for 2 single there-and-back flights against the price of a return ticket. There is no consistency as to which option is cheaper! One thing is certain the prices are VERY expensive if you book up very early and also in the last week if there are only a couple of seats available.

Failing that reasonable deals can usually be found by using two or more operators with a change-over at Madrid (Airport Code: MAD), Gran Canaria Las Palmas (Airport Code:LPA) (but note the warning at the top of the page!) or Barcelona (Airport Code:BCN). There are many flights into La Palma from various German cities and also a few from Holland and Belgium but these tend to be expensive.

Another way to go is via Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) airport (Airport Code:TFS). From there you have two options: Go on by air or take a ferry.

  1. To carry on by air you must transfer to Tenerife Norte (Los Rodeos) airport ( code:TFN) in the north of the island. Take a taxi (approx. 80 euros/50 mins) or a Titsa bus to get there where you need a Binter or CanaryFly flight to La Palma. The relevant Titsa bus is the No. 111 which runs up the Island to Santa Cruz de Tenerife bus station every half hour taking about 1 hour. From the Santa Crus Bus station you change onto a 102 to the Aerpuerto Norte, a journey that takes about half an hour. There is a 340 (or 343) bus that run directly between the two airports, taking about 1 hour. It is infrequent but worth considering if the times coincide with your trip. See here for Titsa's timetable. Aeroplanes stop flying between Tenerife Norte and La Palma at about 20:00 and if you get on the last aeroplane you may well find it more expensive than an earlier flight. You can pre-book your flights with Binter Canarias or Islas Airways or just go on the next available flight by going to one of their ticket offices.
  2. To carry on by ferry get a taxi (approx 10 euros) directly to the port or take a 111 bus to Los Christianos. The main bus stop in Los Christianos,walk half a mile downhill to the harbour and get the Fred Olsen Express ferry. The journey only takes 2 hrs. The Ferry currently leave Los Christianos at 19:30 for the journey out and leaves Santa Cruz de La Palma at 06:00 for the return trip. You can book on www.fredolsen.es or buy a ticket at the ferry terminal. Naviera Armas also operate (but not every day and somewhat slower, but cheapaer) between both Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Los Christianos and La Palma. You can book them on www.navieraarmas.es.
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